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Future Moab Campus - Our Vision

Utah State University Moab provides post-secondary education rooted in civic engagement, allowing students to pursue purposeful careers and supports a diversified economy aligned with local workforce needs.

Who We Are

As Utah’s land-grant institution, USU provides higher education to residents throughout the state. Similar to how the Colorado River has carved and shaped the surrounding landscape, USU Moab has been shaping Grand County’s education landscape for over 45 years. Through partnerships with the school district, hospitals and local businesses, USU Moab has built programs to support local industry, along with diversified offerings to meet community needs. USU Moab will continue shaping the economic diversity of Moab and Grand County by addressing community needs through post-secondary education, technical training, workforce advancement, and infrastructure development.

USU Moab’s current campus is housed in a retrofitted office building. A new campus designed to support education is being built to develop new programs that meet specific needs of the regional area and to meet future demand. Progress is underway towards building a new campus in Moab’s unique setting.

Career-Focused Degrees

USU Moab provides degrees geared towards strengthening Moab and surrounding areas. A community-needs assessment is underway to determine which new programs are most suitable to give residents meaningful careers that impact the region. Below are current areas we hope to expand on with a new campus.

Education, Healthcare, and Social Sciences

The new campus will support the expansion of both undergraduate and graduate offerings in teacher education that prepare students for careers in the region’s public schools. USU Moab currently prepares students for licensure as nurses while providing them with clinical opportunities in collaboration with the local healthcare facilities. A new campus will provide more hands-on learning opportunities and laboratory space to help meet local industry needs. It will also provide space for more programs, like social sciences, giving students the ability to pursue purposeful careers to make differences in their communities.

Natural Resources, Recreation & Hospitality

USU Moab provides the opportunity to study natural resources, outdoor recreation and hospitality to support the surrounding environment. Moab’s economy is integrated with natural resources, outdoor recreation, and hospitality and tourism. Offering higher education in an internationally recognized destination will help sustain these initiatives. The new campus will expand new programs, covering outdoor product innovation, public land management and policies, and more.

Career and Technical Training

CTE provides technical training focused on skill sets to meet local industry needs. A new campus will broaden USU Moab’s current CTE offerings to high school students and community members. This will lead to a better-trained community with stronger job prospects to meet and exceed a higher standard of living.


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Lianna Etchberger
For more information about the new campus and to learn about donation opportunities to make the new campus a reality, please contact Lianna Etchberger:

Progress To Date*

Below is the progress we have made towards making Moab’s new campus a reality.

  • $8.5 million has been secured for the construction of a 20,500 square foot $9 million building.
  • Additional educational programs have started, including concurrent enrollment, CTE programs, and associate to master’s level degrees.
  • MHTN Architects and Hogan construction have been hired by the Utah Department of Facilities Construction and Management and have begun the programming phase.
  • Resilient building feature fundraising for premiums above the cost of the base building has secured a solar system to reduce the carbon footprint of the building, and funds for additional regenerative features are being pursued.
  • Community-based opportunities for the downtown USU Moab property are being explored.

Moving Forward

Below are the plans set in place to ensure the campus will be completed.

  • Hold events to share the vision of the new campus with community individuals.
  • Gather and use assessment data to identify new programs and faculty that align education in Grand County with workforce needs, increase enrollment and tuition, and meet the interests of potential and current students.
  • Raise additional funding from private and corporate donors for a new facility (Phase I structure).
  • Create architectural plans for Phase I facility.
  • Partner with Utah System of Technical Colleges to build needed CTE programs faster.
  • Build new USU Moab facility and transfer operations from downtown to new campus site.

For additional information, download the Master Plan and Feasibility Study.

*Updated September 2019.