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USU Concurrent Enrollment

Get college advising and gain a better understanding of what college is like.

  • Pay $5 per credit hour instead of $285.
  • Get a jumpstart on your college career.
  • Credits earned transfer 100% to any public Utah university.

USU’s concurrent enrollment program allows high school students to take college courses that count for college and high school credit. The grade a student receives from a concurrent enrollment course appears both on the high school transcript as well the student’s permanent college transcript

Courses Available

Concurrent Enrollment courses available vary depending on the high school. Below is a list of the common courses available at most high schools:

  • ENGL 1010 – Intro to Writing
  • MATH 1040 – Introduction to Statistics
  • PSY 1010 – General Psychology


After paying the one-time, $50 admission fee, each course costs $5 per credit hour. Please visit with your high school to see if additional high school fees apply. When you apply for admission as an undergraduate, use your A number as a promo code.


Junior and Senior class standing (ENGL 1010 is for Seniors only). A 3.0 GPA is generally required. Visit with your high school counselor for any additional requirements.

How To Start

College After High School

Map of Utah with all Statewide Campuses

Online, Local, or Residential Campus

There’s nothing quite like reading a job description, realizing you were made for it, then further down reading “college-level education required”.

USU brings higher education to you, no matter where you live or your circumstance.

You can attend one of our residential campuses in Logan or Price for a more traditional college experience and student life, or attend any of our Statewide Campuses throughout Utah, including right here in Moab –

Or, if you’re looking for a fully-online, at-your-convenience program, check out our award winning online programs at

Chart of College Benefits Chart showing unemployment rates are lower for people with degrees

Meet with your counselor.

Counselors help you set goals and plan your high school courses.

Know your deadlines for admission, scholarships and financial aid.

Missing deadlines can delay your admission and cost you money in lost scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

USU Admissions info:

Prepare for and take the official ACT/SAT tests.

Your test score determines your admission status and determines your scholarship qualification. Take the test as early and as often as possible.

Take honors, AP, or concurrent enrollment classes.

These classes not only prepare you for more rigorous college courses, they also count toward your college credit load and are less expensive.

Explore your options and tour campus.

Even though your intended major might be available at multiple colleges, it’s important to find the right fit for you and your educational and career goals.

Plan on how to pay for college.

There are multiple ways to pay for college. Don’t delay your preparation and miss out on opportunities.

Estimate your Cost Per Semester

Chart showing tuition rates

2017-18 tuition estimate is based on 12-18 credit hours, may vary based on the program, and is subject to change.

Ways to Save


USU awards academic, nonacademic, need-based, involvement, and departmental scholarships at:

Financial Aid (FAFSA)

FAFSA is free to file and required for aid consideration.

See what you’re eligible for:

  • Grants: do not need to be repaid.
  • Loans: must be repaid with interest.
  • Work-study: money earned while working and attending school that does not need to be repaid.


Start saving now. Do it on your own or inquire about the Utah Educational Savings Plan at:

Family & Community

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Parents, grandparents and other family can be a great resource. Check with high school counselors for private scholarships in the community.