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Formation of New Student Government Approved

Posted on: Mar 14 2012

On March 1st, 2012, new changes to the USU student constitution were made official. With a 4147 to 698 vote, the constitutional changes were overwhelmingly ratified by the Regional Campuses and Distance Education student body. Included in these changes are provisions for a separate and official RCDE student government.

In the past, student representatives at regional campuses were not officially recognized as student government officers by the Associated Students of Utah State University. Some campuses did not even have student representatives. According to the previous constitution, all students at USU were officially represented by student body officers who served on the Logan campus.

The needs and concerns of RCDE students can be different when compared to students on the Logan campus because the majority of them are “non-traditional” students. Many have full-time jobs, are the head of their families, and attend classes in the evening. These new constitutional changes give these RCDE students their own voice.

The new RCDE student government will include an Executive council with a President and Executive Vice Presidents representing each of the four RCDE service regions. Each service region will also have its own council which includes the Executive Vice President and representatives from individual campuses. These councils will work to make improvements that are important to RCDE students.

“The changes to the constitution give the students power to make it their university, custom fit to the needs they have,” said Justin Watkins, the current RCDE representative on the ASUSU Executive Council. “ It gives them the authority to makes changes that will endure beyond their years at the university.”

For more information about the new student government, check out You can learn how you can get involved, run for office, download the revised constitution, and prepare yourself to vote by learning about the potential candidates.