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RCDE ASUSU Katherine Sulivan 2012-2013 VP



Executive Vice President - Moab 

Katherine Sullivan





Associated Students of Utah State University (ASUSU) is an organization for the entire student body acting as the liaison with University staff, faculty, and administration. 


My name is Katherine Sullivan and I am currently enrolled at the USU-Moab campus to earn my Masters in Human Resources. I also work full-time at Seekhaven, a local non-profit, and volunteer with community organizations. I have lived in Moab year-round since moving here in the spring of 2008. I love the variety of outdoor activities available and enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and canyoneering. I like to cook and have recently been learning about at-home canning practices. I enjoy being back in the classroom and hope to put my degree to work as an HR manager soon after graduating.


The majority of students at USU-Moab do not fit into the traditional mold of a college student. We have full-time jobs, families, and community obligations?and go to school. As your voice on the RCDE student council, I want to make sure that the unique needs of Moab students are represented and addressed. I believe this can be done two ways: firstly, by spending student activity fees according to student wishes and needs. All students taking classes at the Moab campus pay student activity fees and I believe the funds should be spent well. Using surveys and individual feedback, I want to ensure the money we pay is used to our benefit. Secondly, I want to represent student interests by providing regular communication between current students and the USU-Moab campus planning group. USU-Moab is at the beginning of a transitional period due to the development of a new campus and expansion of services. I want to help facilitate an easier transition by serving as a liaison between the USU-Moab students, administration, and planners. As your representative, I plan to attend USU-Moab campus planning events and keep students up-to-date on events as they happen. In short, I want to make sure that the unique perspective and needs of USU-Moab students are understood and met in full.